Adam Chin was inspired by the original movie TRON to start doing computer graphics. He went on to spend a career as a computer graphics artist for TV and film. He was one of the original employees of Pacific Data Images, a pioneering computer graphics studio which later became part of Dreamworks Animation. From the early 1980's and on, Adam created broadcast graphics for all of the major TV and cable networks, and worked on numerous commercials. He later went on to do lighting on the Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda series of animated feature films. Through his career, Adam was able to do computer graphics from the primitive cube-and-sphere stage through to the feature film animation stage.

Adam is currently exploring using Machine Learning neural networks to render pictures. He sees rendering by Machine Learning as a logical extension of computer graphics. To him, Machine Learning is just another renderer and he's trying to see how well he can make it draw.

Front and Profile represents the first time that Adam's computer graphics work has crossed over into his other interest in b&w fine art photography. He feels the computer graphics imagery in Front and Profile has risen in its expressive quality because the imagery is derived directly from the real mugshot photos. "I always felt that fine art photography and computer graphics lived in separate worlds. But now with the rise of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, I can envision bridges being built across that divide."

Adam has a MS in Computer Science from Stanford and a BS in Computer Science from Yale. He lives in San Francisco.